You Should Smile More

You Should Smile More

Shelley, Emily, Monica, and sometimes a special guest sit around a table with a bottle or three of wine and discuss what it means to be a woman today. Is it dangerous? Is it fabulous? Is it shameful? Is it important? Is it smelly?

It's really just another damn podcast. This one is about women, by women, for men and women, sponsored by wine and delivered once every week or so.

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    Puppy Abortions

    We do not talk about puppy abortions on this episode

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    Uterine Fury

    We talk about depression and masturbating hysteria away.

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    We are embarrassed for you just for listening to this episode. Our most immature episode ever. (Not suitable for parents, or work, or most upstanding citizens)

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    Pt. 2 Dames + Dregs Beer Festival: The Panel

    Recorded from our panel at the the Dames + Dregs Beer Festival with Cassie Gary from Oyster City Brewing Co. and Stacia Familio-Hopek with The Lost Druid Brewery Co.

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    Dames + Dregs Beer Festival: The Tour

    If Emily had actually hit the record button in the beginning, we would have had even more minutes of "interviews" (can we even call these interviews?) Enjoy, we think we did!

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    Bitch Pudding

    This episode is about the state of Women's Healthcare in 'Merica. We also mention Robot Chicken's, Bitch Pudding.

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    Blurry Eggplant Emojis

    Tammy Hineline (Director) & Stephanie Kline (Producer) drink wine in Washington and chat with us over the phone about their latest project: D-Lemma: The Hard Truth.

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    Dames + Dregs

    Rebecca and Luis chat with us about Dames + Dregs, a beer festival celebrating women brewers and their beer. August 11 if you don’t have your tickets yet….

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    Badass Women (part 2)

    Badass Women: Harriett Scott, Anna Douglass, Zhou Qunfei, Bethenny Frankel, Kathrine Switzer, Enheduanna, Tara Stoinski

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    Badass Women (part 1)

    We discuss advanced maternal age, infertility, and semen counts; we almost have time to talk about our topic, Badass Women.

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    Meet the Fosters

    Special guest Luis Martinez talks with us about fostering, what is happening at the border, and Camp to Belong.

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    Rater Bias

    We talk about women as minorities, minorities as minorities, and rater bias.

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    Special guest Sophia Veitch talks post-partum depression and anxiety with us over wine.

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    Kelly Gilda Sue Rosenstern O'Neal

    Kelly O'Neal, the founder of Mean Mama Dog Productions, visits us to discuss women, body image, and film.

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    We discuss our mutual hatred of R. Kelly and talk about Bill Cosby, the media, and the rape culture that we live in. F**k R. Kelly

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    Ebony and Ivory

    And then there were seven... We have a total of seven guests to talk interracial love and relationships. Thank you Cassie & Melvin, Sean, and Jen for joining us!

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    MS: Multiple Sclerosis

    A deeply personal episode where our very own Monica talks about living with Multiple Sclerosis.

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    Pin Drop Part 2

    Part 2: Heather Luttrell!!! Go women. Go women in music. Go open ears and and open mind. Go listening. Go being mindful of other’s opinions. Go. Go. Go.

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    You Could Hear a Pin Drop Part 1

    Part 1 of 2: Heather Luttrell!!! Go women. Go women in music. Go open ears and and open mind. Go listening. Go being mindful of other’s opinions. Go. Go. Go.

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    Cake and Flatulence

    "Yo, Viv, babe. Would you come down here? The sphincter police won't let me through". A NSFW episode, for sure...

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    The topic is orgasms. Yep. Orgasms.

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    The Boobs Episode

    An exploration of your favorite mammary glands with special guest Tanya and many bottles of wine.

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    My Dog Ate My Breast Milk

    If you're gonna complement me, complement my Fallopian tubes. We discuss moving through infertility...

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    Let Me Do This Pee Question

    Part 2 of our interview with Dr. Raynor. Ask a gynecologist and you shall receive an answer. Should I shave? Why don't men have to see a penis doctor? What's a ben wa ball?

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    Grape Jelly Doesn't Go There

    We sit down with Dr. Raynor to discuss the history of the speculum and why you shouldn't put grape jelly down there.

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